Shanna Tani

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Shanna Tani has delighted in headstand and lotus pose since childhood. Discovery of yoga as a college athlete and advanced training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco taught her such poses practiced mindfully improve strength, flexibility, focus and self-awareness. Further Therapeutic Yoga training brought to light the knowledge that progression in yoga is exemplified through positive changes in our perception, which enhances our relationship with ourselves and others.  As we refine our yoga practice, so we refine and feel more enriched in our lives.  Teaching with care and kindness, she encourages students to nurture themselves in their practice.  


Yoga 1&2:  Explore classical asanas and novel movements with an emphasis on functional alignment and attentive breathing to facilitate balance, mobilityease, stability and strength. Standing, seated, supine and prone asanas, which may include twists, forward bends, back arches and inversions are practiced with appropriate props and modifications to allow for equitable progression. Engage in mindful movements allowing all systems to align and experience awareness, clarity, health, harmony and peace.