Robert Richardson


Robert Richardson has over 20 years of experience with martial arts and has been a dedicated student of Josef Haber since 2009. His perspective is that martial arts are models for interaction—a study of relationships. Rather than focusing on techniques for fighting or self-defense, Robert helps students explore KungFu as a living and individually adaptable art for navigating the world. His teaching practice draws from other martial arts as well as his biology background. He also teaches introductory biology classes at Portland Community College.

Kung Fu Fundamentals:The internal schools of kung fu (NeiJia) are notorious for being difficult to learn.  This class helps address and refine core concepts and principles common to styles like Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, and Tai Ji Quan by using targeted stretches, foundation activities, and gentle partner work.  Suitable for experienced practitioners, interested novices, and the passingly curious who just want to see what makes NeiJia special.

Xing Yi Chuan: (Hsing I Chuan) is one of the traditional internal martial arts of China.  It shares many principles and benefits with Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) and is an excellent introduction to “internal”-style movement, expressing power, and full body health. This class introduces the “Five Elements” of Xing Yi Quan, a series of five easy to learn basic movements that provide the foundation of this style. Each class will include basic warm ups and forms practice as well as partner work and applications.  All contact will be done in a safe and consenting manner.  This class is co-taught by Rob and Aaron.  T