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Diego's - "Gancho" - particular allure to the disciplines of strength training and hand-balancing clearly express themselves in his style of play. He is currently completing his Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the NSCA.  Capoeira serves as a vehicle to express freedom from the normal and rigid functioning of day-to-day life. Gancho's background in saber fencing and deep appreciation of physics makes for his teaching to be very detail oriented and technique driven. Once the right technique has been developed and the body has been strengthened, a high level of control and freedom will emerge in the game. Gancho's classes emphasize flexibility, strength training, technique, and control during inversions with the ultimate goal of learning how to play without the use or need for thought.  Gancho is a member of Capoeira Besouro Oregon.

Mommy/Daddy and Me Capoeira: Parents and kids learn capoeira together!  We accommodate all fitness levels in this high energy fun filled class.  Lean the kicks and evasions that hone your coordination, and make you strong and flexible.  Build your social skills and confidence by play capoeira music and capoeira games every class! Visit www.capoeirabesouooregon.com for more info.

Capo Fit (no classes currently): Come experience high intensity functional fitness in the form of the afro-brazilian martial art: Capoeira!  We will strengthen our lower bodies and core with kicks and evasions.  We will tone our upper bodies with hand stands and ground work.  Sweat and get strong to the brightly colored music of Brazil!