Katherine Haber

Katherine Haber, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist whose classes focus on strength and invigoration through physical and meditative practices.  She teaches capoeira for kids age 5-14 and offers private instruction in Daoist meditation.  She has been playing capoeira since 2009 where she began as a student of Mestre Batata in Los Angeles.  Kate likes to refer to capoeira as her martial arts soul food because it offers expedient fun and reward: it gets you strong fast, builds your community fast and makes you feel good fast.  

Learn more about how capoeira is the perfect martial art for kids at Capoeira Besouro Oregon!

Kate Manages Flying Tortoise Academy and is the owner of Flying Tortoise Food Carts and Laurelhurst Family Clinic.

Rates: $15 drop in, $130 for 10 class card, $90 unlimited

Capoeira Age 5-8

 We will learning the building blocks of this furiously joyful martial art through games and safe sparing: ginga, kicks, evasions, history and music.  All fitness levels in this high energy fun filled class are accommodated.  Lean the kicks and evasions that hone your coordination, and make you strong and flexible.  Build your social skills and confidence by play capoeira music and capoeira games every class! 

Capoeira Age 9-14

This class is a faster moving, more advanced capoeira class for kids.  Beginners are welcome.  We will cover a variety of kicks, evasions, gingas and songs.  There will be improvised capoeira games every class!  


Learn new techniques, incorporate your acrobatic skills and practice instruments in the roda.  This class is for people who have mastered capoeira foundations.

Beginning Capoeira

This class was started at the request of the parents of my capoeira kids!  We work on mastering the foundations to Capoeira: ginga, simple kicks and evasions and music.  This class will give you the skills to interact as a capoeirista!

Private Meditation/QiGong: 

Sessions are $30 for a half hour $50 for 1 hour.  Build your meditation skills and confidence at increasing intervals.  After meditating, I teach Daoist QiGong to awaken the senses and move Qi through the body.  Email kateahaber@laurelhurstfamilyclinic.com for more details.