Josef Haber

 photo credit, Brian Leong

photo credit, Brian Leong

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Josef Haber, L.Ac began his study of the martial arts 1988. In the years since, he has been consistently dedicated to his training. In 2010 Josef graduated with honors from Emperors College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica and returned to Portland. Later that year he founded his schools of BaGuaZhang and Capoeira. Josef teaches with an emphasis on student empowerment, utilizing the deeply transformative qualities of the arts he teaches.

Professor Josef Haber (Also known by his Capoeira name Santo) was first exposed to capoeira in 2000 in Portland Oregon. In 2002 Josef met Mestre Batata of Capoeira Besouro and was immediately taken by how Mestre Batata seamlessly blended the beauty and the combat elements of the art. In the thirteen years since Josef has been devoted to Capoeira Besouro. He has taught classes in Mestre Batata's academy, The Inosanto Academy, The Source Academy as well as numerous colleges and elementary  schools.

Ba Gua Zhang: I teach a traditional Beijing curriculum of BaGua that includes circle walking, stance work, forms and applications.

Xing Yi: consists of coiling and uncoiling the body resulting in powerful strikes are practiced on a linear stepping pattern.

Zen Tai Chi (DaBeiQuan): is a form based practice.  It focuses on fluid motion and deep stances to strengthen and improve flexibility of hips and low back.  This is a yogic form created to improve body condition and general health.

Pao Chui:  or Cannon Fist Kung Fu, is characterized by the prevalence of powerful explosive movements called Fa Li.  Unlike many styles of internal Kung Fu, San Huang Pao Chui utilizes training methodologies of both internal and external styles to dissect the mechanics of internal power.  This makes both forms of power accessible to any student willing to learn the basics.  The health benefits of San Huang Pao Chui include improved strength, flexibility and balance. [Formal Name: San Huang Pao Chui]

Capoeira:  is an afro-brazilian martial art that utilizes a constantly moving stance and diverse evasions that can involve diving towards the ground only to counter attack with a spinning heal kick. This art quickly increases flexibility and strength.  Come get your blood moving and your soul singing!  At Capoeira Besouro you will find a welcoming community, and fantastic as well as safe instruction. 

Kids' Capoeira: The hour long Capoeira Besouro Kids' class is athletically rigorous, and teaches respect and tenacity while offering a safe environment for kids to express joy and creativity.  There are no katas or patterns to memorize, only the individual kicks and evasions that link together to form whatever conversation you desire.  The music of capoeira is taught along side the fighting art and we 'play' capoeira with each other every class.