Barbara Fergusson


My Approach

I support my students with relaxed, knowledgeable leadership in the classroom, honoring the individuality of each student. I endow students with the ability to recognize good alignment and find a sense of ease within each pose. My goal is to teach you to tune into your unique reaction to each pose, and see your practice as a series of lessons in moment-to-moment awareness that can be applied both on the mat and in the world.

My Experience

I was introduced to yoga while living in Australia from 1974 to 1976. Yoga gave me a feeling of community and peace during a very difficult time for me, and I resolved to help others find the same. I began teaching yoga in Portland in 1978.

In 2002 I completed the multi-year Advanced Studies Program at the Yoga Room in Berkeley, California. I am especially grateful to my teachers at the Yoga Room, Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin, for helping me understand my own practice and showing me how to communicate my own experience to others.

I have owned studios for over 25 years. In 2014 I sold my interest in Portland Yoga Arts to focus exclusively on my teaching and my students. 

I have taught numerous retreats, including many in Mexico. Stay tuned to this site for future announcements.


Class Descriptions:

Level 1-2: For beginning students, students new to Iyengar-style yoga, and for those who prefer a gentler class.  We'll study the basics of alignment, sensing the body and gradually stretching out the tighter places while building strength in a balanced way.  

Level 2-3: For students who have mastered the basics and wish to cultivate more strength, endurance, flexibility, and grace.  We'll embody more subtle ways of working and releasing into the poses and expand our vocabulary and knowledge of inner body experiences in yoga.  We'll establish secure foundations for, and begin working with inversions such as shoulder stand, headstand, handstand and forearm balance.  A wider variety of forward bends, backbends and twists will also be explored.

Yoga for Health: We'll practice preventative and therapeutic poses to help with the chronic conditions commonly experienced in aging.  The first part of each class is yoga in a chair.  We'll work on balance, upper and lower body strength, pranayama (breathing), and meditation.

Please See Barbara's website for packaged class pricing