Rebuilding after a neck injury

Two years ago things were not great. I tore a C3 ligament in my neck and was left crippled for almost 10 months. 

It was rough. The foundation for my career that I had worked so hard to establish in graduate school as well as the martial arts felt as though they were crumbling under the weight of my professional setbacks. That I could hardly move only compounded the suck.A year ago this month, with my neck finally healed, Kate and I set off on an adventure. Three months and nine countries later we returned home with more stories and new friends than I can mention in this post. It was rad. The first photo was taken on Oahu during the maiden stop of our trip. I weighed 215 lbs and was none to pleased about it.The next photo was taken following my second trip to Beijing this November. It was truly wonderful having the opertunity to continue my training more with the BaGuaZhang Masters of TianTan.

After two weeks training 6 hours a day and walking 5 miles each way to the temple I dropped to 178 lb. Life is different now. I became a father four weeks ago and with my child came a clarity and introspection that I have never before known. Fair to say I’m loving every moment of this. In the months to come I look forward to learning the ropes of fatherhood as I continue my training in Capoeira Besouro and Cheng BaGuaZhang. With some luck there may even be a cage fight or two ☺

The final photo was taken this afternoon I now weigh a healthy 184 lbs and feel fantastic!
I can’t wait to see what’s next.