Ballet is a European dance style that aims for graceful, precise movements. Students practice footwork and proper posture to achieve a wider range of body control. By focusing on technique, ballet promotes proper performance and helps prevent injury. By practicing ballet you can increase your flexibility, posture, and improve muscle tone.

First appearing in 15th century Italy, ballet began as a show for noblemen and women. But soon it spread across Europe through figures like Catherine de Medici and King Louis XIV.  Over time ballet moved from the royal court to the theater stage as it began to tell longer stories. 

From there ballet only continued to evolve.  Considered the beginning of modern dance, you can find a bit of ballet in everything from jazz to ballroom dancing. We encourage students to try ballet if they're interested in building a stronger core or just enjoy dancing. 

The history and techniques of ballet are a fascinating subject. If you're interested in learning more, please take a look at the following articles: 

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 Photo by   Frode Inge Helland  ,  1991.

Photo by Frode Inge Helland, 1991.