Ba Gua Zhang

Baguazhang is a Chinese martial art where students practice by walking in a circle. Facing the center, this exercise enforces flexibility and proper alignment. Students combine coiling movements with this circle walking practice to achieve smooth, coordinated actions. Regular practice can increase leg strength, concentration, and improve cardiovascular health.  

Like many martial arts, Baguazhang doesn't have a clear origin. So while we do not know who created Baguazhang, we do know one of its most popular masters: Dong Haichuan. A 19th century martial artist,  Dong Haichuan was a worker in the Imperial Palace in Beijing. But he soon became a bodyguard to the court due to his skill in martial arts. From there Baguazhang spread and grew into the art form it currently is today. One of the youngest known martial arts, you may notice elements from Taiji, Xing Yi, and Shaolin.

  Josef Haber  studying Baguazhang in China.

Josef Haber studying Baguazhang in China.

We recommend Baguazhang to those interested in strength training and improved concentration.  Circle walking, with its Taoist yoga roots, can provide an active form of meditation. Anyone seeking a blend of cardio workout and mental exercise should consider joining a class. Take a look at our schedule and drop in anytime. 

 An example of circle walking.

An example of circle walking.

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