Cannon Fist (San Huang Pao Chui)

San Haung Pao Chui Chuan or Three Emperors Cannon Punch Fist is characterized by the prevalence of powerful, explosive movements called Fa Li. Unlike many styles of Internal Kung Fu San Haung Pao Chui utilizes training methodologies of both internal and external styles to dissect the mechanics of internal power in order to make them accessible to any student willing to perfect the basics. The health benefits of San Huang Pao Chui include improved strength, flexibility and balance.

History: San Haung Pao Chui hails form the Shaolin Temple. The art can trace some history to the earliest days of formal Kung Fu a time when Chinese history is mixed heavily with legend. The modern incarnation of San Haung Pao Chui is a little over 360 years old and began in the late Ming Dynasty. The founder of modern San Haung Pao Chui was a Buddhist Monk named PuZhao our schools lineage is as follows:

1st Generation: PuZhao

2nd Generation: Qiao San Xiu

3rd Generation: Qiao Ling

4th Generation: Yu Liang Deng

5th Generation: Zhi Zi Yu Jian

6th Generation: Hou Jin Kui

7th Generation: Dong Ying Jin

8th Generation:Wang Lian Ming

9th Generation: Wang Qi

Wang Qi is the 9th Generation Banner Holder (style inheritor) as well as being the vice president of the San Huang Pao Chui association in Beijing. Grand Master Wang Qi along with his “Uncle” 8th Generation Master Zhang Zong Yi are chiefly responsible for the San Haung Pao Chui education of Portland Movement Instructor Josef Haber and his training Brother Fritz Rice. 

The Temple of Heaven: Both of these great masters teach out of TianTan (The Temple of Heaven) in Beijing and have generously spent countless hours with both Josef Haber and Fritz Rice over their many training trips. 

Lineage: In September of 2016 both Josef Haber and his training parter, Fritz Rice of Seattle, WA are scheduled to receive formal lineage from Grand Master Wang Qi and become official members of the 10th Generation. Josef and Fritz have also been requested by Grand Master Wang Qi to lead the North American San Huang Pao Chui Association.